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Friday, January 14, 2011

ICE Skating Exercise in the cold

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Winter Activities for the Whole Family

Winter wear is what your family needs since this season is fast approaching, and as the last batch of leaves fall down from the trees, it is clearly the sign of having a very cold and enjoyable winter for you and your family. This season offers a lot of opportunity to bond and be outside your house to have special activities and recreational games. Aside from it, this is the perfect timing for your kids to experience the best and happiest winter in their lives by being active whenever is possible. So grab all your winter wear and start playing around that white snow with the infamous winter games.

Traditional adventures on the snow
Snow sledging is the first thing that might pop up in your little kids’ mind whenever they see the first batch of white ice crystals falling from the sky. Sledging in your backyard or Local Park is the perfect activity for everyone to enjoy. You don’t even need a proper sled, just improvise things like using a cardboard of a plastic board. Just always remember to use proper protection gear such as helmets, kneepads, and shoulder pads to protect you, and especially the children.

If sledging is not your type, you can always resort to other traditional games such as snowman building. Hype the imagination of your kids through various shapes and themes for your snowman. This kind of activities improves the creativity of your little tikes.

Aside from that, you can also play snow fight where in you can encourage your kids to build their own boot camps for their army. This a mind and skill games that is truly action packed and exciting.

Exercise in the cold
Aside from the traditional recreational things to be done on the snow, you can also enjoy it through skiing or trekking. Find the sturdiest toddler’s snow boots and start skiing or walking from your house to wherever you want. From just walking around, you can see the total change of the scenery and surely marvel at this sudden transformation of the surroundings. If your family is more adventure hyped, try visiting the local nature centers or you can even travel to cross-country skiing places just to totally enjoy the whole festivity. You will not just enjoy and have fun, but you will also burn some calories at the same time.

Daring in the snow
If you are more daring and wanted more thrill, your family can always try ice skating. Playing hockey, figure skating, or just even skating around is the best way to get the serene beauty of the winter season. The smooth transition of the snow can be perfectly felt through skating and aside from that. You will definitely enjoy the slippery side of the ice.

Be warm in the winter
Some families are agitated when the snow comes and having a toddler’s snow boots is the right choice. The feel of hibernating and just staying indoors has a great impulse on everyone else. Don’t let your family be like this in the winter season. Let them enjoy and feel the sun, sky and the cold and fuzzy snow with the protection of their winter wear. Enjoying winter is something else that not everyone can enjoy, so embrace it very well.


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How to Skate Off One Pound
For each pound of weight you want to lose, you will need to burn off approximately 3500 calories. According to a calorie chart published by Rollerblade, a 150 pound person skating 11 miles per hour burns about 10 calories per minute. This means a 150 pound person skating 11 miles per hour would have to skate 6 hours to lose 1 pound (3500 calories / 10 calories = 350 minutes. 350 minutes / 60 minutes per hour = 6 hours of skating) 

If you skate enough to burn off an extra 800 calories per day, you will lose 20 pounds in approximately 3 months. If you give yourself 6 months to lose 20 pounds, you only need to burn off an extra 400 calories per day. The amount of skating required to burn off 800 and 400 calories will vary widely from person to person, because it depends on your personal body weight and skating speed.

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