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Friday, January 14, 2011

Skiing clothes for women

CUTTING EDGE of skill and equiptment integration and it is my goal to see that all beginner skiers learn to ski quickly and properly, so I'd like to share my knowledge with you, free of charge. Yours Beauty


 Needed a pair of warm, water resistant bibs for when my husband and I go
4-wheeling in the snow. I wore these the other night for a 6+ hour ride (8:00 pm
- 2:30 am), and I love them. It was between 35 - 42 degrees during our night
right, and I was warm and dry all evening. I got splashed with slush and had to
sit in it until the next stop, and yet, I stayed dry :) I like to layer to stay
warm, but my last pair of bibs were not water resistant and wet = cold! I
usually wear an 18/20, and the XXL bibs fit just fine. I thought they were going
to be a little snug, but they have some stretch, so I was comfortable. I was
able to wear my long johns and sweatpants underneath. And the length is just
right! I would recommend these to a friend.

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