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Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Add some sparkle with a Diamond & Sapphire bracelet
by Meenu Kashyap

A diamond and sapphire bracelet is an awesome combination of two of world's most precious & beautiful gemstones.Noone can resist an elegant and well-crafted bracelet and online retailers made it affordable for every pocket. You cannot define the sense of accomplishment you'll get after wearing a beautiful diamond and sapphire bracelet around your wrist. Sapphires come in vibrant shades of blue, yellow, pink, purple and orange. Star sapphire quite rare one as it has an inclusion in star pattern, when cut'll give a look of a star shining within the gem. Both diamond & sapphire can be cut in all popular shapes from beautiful heart shape or princess, oval, pear or a trendy trillion cut. Two perfect stone to make a gorgeous bracelet.

Pink sapphires and pink diamonds are the most popular, rarest & expensive of all. In comparison to durability and strength both diamond and sapphire goes hand in hand And i.e. a diamond & sapphire fixed into bracelets give an awesome and sturdy piece of jewelry. It has entices many jewelry lover's hearts and it is a perfect gift for any bride.

If you want to give a fresh look your old bracelet you can add some diamond and sapphire charms to it see what a stunning effect it'll give if worn with a dashing outfit. Of course adding these exquisite bracelets to your kitty is an expensive dream but online shopping made it an affordable reality. Online shopping is a best way of finding a fine collection of diamond & sapphire bracelets .Jewelry can redefine your personality. A quality online retailer will have an excellent selection of jewelry for both men and women. In addition to diamond and sapphire bracelets, you will find diamond & sapphire necklaces, pendants, and much more.
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This captivating tennis bracelet showcases a line of 32 large round cubic
zirconia stones, arranged in four-prong basket settings of polished sterling
silver. The stones have an impressive sparkle and fire, and the minimal metal
interference of the silver setting really brings out their beauty. The settings
are hinged together to create a graceful drape around the wrist. A gorgeous
accent that will complement the dressiest attire, this bracelet measures 7 1/4
inches and fastens with a box clasp and double safety bar.



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